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Lars was cut from a competitive basketball team in 4th grade and was told that he lacked the speed, strength, and stamina to compete at the higher level of competition.


Rather than being bitter, he chose to get better.


With hard work and consistent training, Hanson turned some of his biggest weaknesses into some of his powerful assets. He now enjoys helping the next generation of athletes to do the same.


"I am so thankful for the opportunity to coach this camp. It’s a huge blessing to work with so many talented and hard-working individuals. As a coach, my goal is to do everything in my power to help youth athletes grow into young men and women who will succeed in sports & in life."


  1. Lars competed on NBC's American Ninja Warrior (2x)

  2. Lars ran in the World's Fastest Relay Marathon (Guiness World Record in 2018)

  3. Lars worked for the Kansas State University Men's Basketball team under Coach Weber in college.


We believe that nothing great is ever accomplished without enthusiasm. All of our coaches grew up attending the Ignite summer camps and training programs. Our goofy & competitive coaches are the reason why so many athletes enjoy coming to camp year after year.


From back left to front right: Lars Hanson, Andrew Sonner, Logan Myers, Crew Alvarez, Grant Stubblefield, Avery Christie, Alex Citron, Megan Avey, Josh Citron, Camden O'Neal, Preston Hammon, Roman Alvarado, Carter King, and Ben Kahnk (not shown in photo)

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